IMG_6571Swedish Mobilia was born in Milano in 2010,
when Andrea Bolzoni (guitar), Dario Miranda (electric bass and double bass) and Daniele Frati (drums and percussions) met each other.
Total improvised music, the sound of Swedish Mobilia nourish himself with different influences.
From rock to contemporary music, from free-jazz to psichedelia, in the continuos research of its own path towards the consolidation of a unique and original language.
2011 Swedish Mobilia publish their first record “Knife, Fork and Spoon”, with the prestigious english record label “Leo Records”.
The record is very well-appreciated from the specialized press, achieving great reviews.

Consolidating the fellowship with Leo Fegin, in 2012 “Did you hear Something”, the second album of the trio, is published by Leo records, this time with the extraordinary participation of an international trumpeter such as Luca Aquino. With his lyricism, his ability to get into the music and his innate improviser’s qualities, Luca extend the stylistic boundaries of the sound world of the trio, making even more demanding and intriguing the exact positioning of the last album by Swedish Mobilia.